Forever 21 coat / Bershka jumper / Lam Boutique shirt / H&M skirt / Vagabond shoes / Proenza Schouler bag

yes, I am awared that I look nothing like posing or taking outfit pictures. it is because these are all test shots taken by Van Anh - Chopstick Panorama. we went out for a much needed brunch, wandered around the coolest neighborhood of London (in my opinion) and i took some outfit pictures for her blog. if you haven't checked her out or followed her, you should, she is a lovely girl. so basically, except the photos were taken by my iPhone, all of the photos are unplanned and therefore, not so professional looking xP but i still love them, nothing like natural moments huh? especially when you have London as your background.

I am currently working on 4 different assignments at the same time and other kinds of applications also. it is driving me insane. I miss lacking off and doing nothing (yes, I am lazy) but I want and need good grades so I'm just trying and pushing myself. I can't settle for less, it is unacceptable and bad grades are my nightmare. it is so intense, sometimes I just want to throw up. seriously, can't wait to get these done, then I will have some relax and getaway time with my loved one. wish me luck :)


A post with a lot of text

Hello hello,

It is been a loooong while again. I feel so guilty for not updating as often as I want to, but it is just hard to blog when you are all alone with no camera / a photographer or some spare time on your hand. It made me want to quit and I kind of did for quite some time. But I do miss blogging, genuinely. I miss capturing moments in my life and documenting everything. I just wish I had somebody to help me take outfit picture. I might invest on a camera soon because even if I decide to quit blogging for real, I would still love to have a camera to turn memories into something tangible.

I had these outfit pictures taken in Hanoi. It was one of the very last photoshoot I had before I leave to London and I could not get a hold of the last pictures I took. I love this dress but I don't think I can wear it often, especially in London because I would so freeze to death. If you ever go to Saigon, do go to Blackmarket No.3 and support the talented artists there :)

And since I haven't talked to you guys for so long. Why not ramble a little bit? So things been going quite alright. I just go to uni, go home, make food, study and work, meet friends in the weekends or something. The area where I live is very very boring so that is why I love going to central London, it makes me feel alive. But then again, it is quite expensive to enjoy stuffs in London and I have to pay a little bit extra for the transportation too. I want to earn some extra money to actually splurge once in awhile but haven't gotten any success in finding a part-time job yet. Finger crossed that I will find one soon because I really don't want to ask mom for money.. Other than that, I have been feeling quite happy. If I write a book about me in London with pictures of my outfits, sceneries and stuffs, would you buy it? Haha jk :P

I will try to blog more often, but if I can't, please understand for me. I'm sure things would get better when I get a camera. But in the mean time, you can follow me on Instagram at kimnguyn because I do update very regularly.


Throw back

Nosbyn crop-top, Lam Boutique striped pants, Suite Blanco flats

i know that i just uploaded a post last night but i found these photos which come from a photoshoot i did for Lam Boutique quite awhile ago. these striped pants were one of my most favorite item from them, so simple yet chic.

a little bit of weather update: the day i arrive London was sunny and hot, much to my surprise but since yesterday it got colder and today it rain like it supposed to be. i don't complain though, i like cold weather and now i can layer up as much as i want to. 

orientation won't start for another week so now i do have a lot of free time to absorbing more culture and arts. visited National Gallery and British Museum the other day and i loved them so much. especially National Gallery cause i got to see a painting which is now my most favorite painting ever: The Arnolnifi Portrait by Jan van Eyck. i would recommend you to research about him and this painting and if you can, please do go visit National Gallery to see it, it's in Room 56. 

i love London and i love to stay here as long as i can. but last night i had such a craving for Vietnamese street food. seriously, i could eat a whole cow last night, was so hungry.

til we speak again.

London bound

H&M shirt dress and bag, New Look cardigan, Vagabond boots, Cheap Monday sunglasses

hello there! so iam back from the longest hiatus ever. to be honest, i actually thought about quitting the blog for good cause i wasn't feeling like blogging at all. i created my blog from my genuine feelings so if i don't feel good about it, i wouldn't want to do it. the hiatus time was the busiest time of my life so far, i had school and my internship and my writing works. it just took all the time and i even had no time to meet up with friends or chill alone at a cafe shop. but it is all over now and i am in LONDON!

so yeah, as you might or might not know, i am in London at the moment, living it up. i haved moved here 2 weeks ago to finish my Bachelor degree and considering about taking my Master degree here as well (but iam not certain about this yet). i love it here, so much. i have always dreamed about going to London, my heart always drawn to it like it is some place that i actually belong to. i love Europe in general as i have visited Germany and France in the past but seriously, no place is like London. it's true love.

i have many pictures to show you but if you follow my instagram @kimnguyn you might get more update. consider this post as a start of my London diary. there will be plenty more to come since i have decided to blog as much as i can again.

talk to you soon!

P.S: i re-dyed my hair.


floral and bare back.

Dress: Lam Boutique / Flats: Suite Blanco

at the moment i really have no mood to work at all. i just want to eat, watch movies, listen to music, travel and enjoy life. and lately my most favorite piece to throw on and enjoy life is this little floral dress. what i love about this dress is the beautiful cut, gorgeous material and the subtle hint of sexiness in the bare back (it's not actually bare but to me that is pretty revealing already). above it all, it's a no-brainer, so easy to wear.

just received my paycheck and planning some getaway trips. no offense but i just really like to travel alone and have some peaceful time.

by the way, click HERE if you want to ask me a question. i'm starting a ask.fm page again, how childish! 

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